Walker Info

Contact us en route:  805-234-1769.  Call this number if you are trying to find us during the day on any day of the walk and we will update you as to our position and expected arrival times.  Information is always changing.

What to bring:

  • Comfortable walking shoes (1/2 size larger than usual allows for an extra pair of sox to avoid blisters, plus foot swelling)
  • Your own refillable water bottle (we want to minimize plastic trash)
  • Lightweight plate or bowl, spoon, or cup (for meals served to us, also to minimize trash)
  • Clothes for the weather: we expect some hot days and it gets hot walking, but cold (rainy) weather has already begun in parts of California. Be prepared for changes!
  • Hat, dark glasses, sunscreen
  • A few snacks in your pockets since meals are not always when your body needs them.
  • If you’ll be with us overnight bring a towel & a sleeping bag and mat for sleeping on floors (We’ll be indoors so tents aren’t needed but a small flashlight is useful)
  • MOST IMPORTANT, please pack compactly and travel light.  We have to transport your luggage every day to the next place.

Starting the walk: Join us Friday Oct 21, 5-8 pm, for dinner in San Luis Obispo to meet other walkers and find housing for the night. Our host, Paul Ogren, will meet people at bus or train. Please let him know if you have NOT already told walk-organizers that you are coming.
1055 Capistrano Court
San Luis Obispo, California 93405
Home: 805-544-1529;   Cell:    805-305-3710,      paulogren@FromWarToPeace.com

For the walk, itself, gather at 7:30 am Saturday Oct 21 at the Diablo Canyon gates in Avila Beach (about 12 miles outside SLO). Our overnight hosts will drive us to the start point.

Getting to San Luis Obispo:  Walkers are responsible for their own transportation to and from the walk, but we do have a volunteer coordinating rides to SLO from the bay area for the start of the walk.  Contact Glen OCampo, 510-830-6773, to offer or seek a ride.


Can I join for just a short time?  YES.  Many walkers find us via the cell phone (805-234-1769) and join for a few blocks or a few hours. (We have a support vehicle with us at all times and can take you back to your car.) You can also join for a few days and find your own transportation home afterwards.

What’s an average walking day like?  We have to make the most of the light, so we get up at 5:30, share interfaith prayer, pack, eat breakfast, clean up and start walking by 8 am. Most days we walk @ 15 miles, stopping for vigils or prayer at various sites. We walk about 3 mph and stop every hour for restrooms and rest. (We walk fairly close together, with safety flaggers on either end of our line.) We take a longer break at lunch time. We end by 4 or 4:30, usually at the place where we will have supper and stay the night.  Some nights we will have programs or share organized discussions between walkers and host communities.

What about drinking water?  We need to drink more water than usual while walking in the hot sun, so walkers bring their own bottles and fill them from our large canisters at rest stops. (We refill the canisters as needed with tap water.)

What kind of food can we expect?  Everyone’s food needs are different, but when food is donated, we are grateful for what is offered.  Most hosts are sensitive to the needs of vegetarians, but If you have more complicated special needs, we suggest bringing a few supplies just in case.

Are there work expectations?  We ask everyone to pitch in with food preparation, clean-up, loading gear, and any way you can see to help out. This is a wonderful practice of sharing.

Can I volunteer even if i can’t walk?  Yes.  If you are in the Bay Area and would like to donate food to a potluck (or lunch stop) during the last few days of the walk, contact Maegan Willan 505-920-1289 who is coordinating this. As time draws near, there may be other opportunities.

Who pays for food, gas for support vehicles, and other needs?  This walk is grassroots-funded. Host communities sometimes donate some meals, but we ask walkers, if possible, to contribute about $5 per day or what they can to sustain the walk. Larger donations are really helpful too.

How do I make a donation? A check to Mothers for Peace, marked for the Sacred Sites Peacewalk, will be tax deductible.  Cash also welcome.

Send other specific questions and there may be time to answer them (louise@undoingsilence.org).