Fault Lines Near Diablo Canyon

4 Sep

As we lay our plans for the peacewalk, we seem to be part of a cosmic flow of information and energy. In August as we were getting started, activists from all over California held their first summit meeting to strategize about shutting down California’s two nuclear plants–both near coastal earthquake faults and both located on Native American sacred sites.

The one where we start our October walk is the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant near San Luis Obispo.

Thanks to the summit activists for passing on this article written locally in the area where we’ll begin our walk. Two intersecting faults have been discovered near the plant since it was built–and this article shows them graphically:

Diablo Canyon Couldn’t Withstand Worst Case Scenario Earthquake

For more information there is this PBS film on these faults and Mothers for Peace, our San Luis Obispo sponsor, is making another which we’ll be able to view in October.